The Decline of the Mainline and a Move

A new review and a new post.

12/9/20221 min read

It's been a very busy season in our family and this means that writing has been pushed a little more to the periphery of my life.

That being said, I do have a new, short review of Chasing Wind by Douglas J. Brouwer over at Mere Orthodoxy. I really enjoyed reading the book, but it was a sad experience to see the hollowness of the pastoral vocation over so many years. I pray for God's grace and renewal in all of our churches and pastors, especially in the Anglican Communion as it exists in North America.

I was also able to review a very good book on Scripture by Brad East for the Scottish Journal of Theology.

On another note, in a couple of weeks , I will finished my role at Rector of the Parish of Portland, here in Saint John and begin as Associate Rector at Christ Church Episcopal in Tyler, Texas. This was not a transition I was expecting, but it came at the right moment by the providence of God. Any move is a bit chaotic and this is especially true for international moves, I am learning. It has been sad to say goodbye to many beloved parishioners and friends in Saint John, but I am looking forward to serving the people of Christ Church in Tyler and being part of a excellent ministry team.