Pastors need to read more... especially fiction...

A review of Austin Carty's The Pastor's Bookshelf

6/24/20221 min read

A new piece I've written is out today over at Front Porch Republic.

It was a joy to review Austin Carty's The Pastor's Bookshelf: Why Reading Matters for Ministry. I was asked to review the book for FPR and didn't know much about the title or author going in. When it arrived, I picked it up only intending to dip into it for a few minutes, and found myself completely immersed a half-hour later.

This is an important book for priests and pastors to read. The key take away? Reading books that don't feel useful is still important for one's development.

As I mention in the review, I hope that those who work with pastors read this book too. Having administrators, vestries, and elder boards who see the importance of reading widely will only encourage the spiritual health of pastors.