New piece on North American Anglicanism and Children

5/24/20241 min read

In general, Christianity is in decline in the Western world. While this is generally true, there are pockets of growth in various places and traditions. But across the board, all over the place, in every tradition, attendance is down, resources are becoming scarce, and churches are shuttering.

As a Christian, a parent, and a pastor, this breaks my heart. And it hits especially close to home when this is happening in Anglican and Episcopal Churches.

I am so grateful to be serving in a congregation that is bucking trends, and it's got me thinking about the ways that other parishes might find new life and growth.

I think ministry to children and families is huge part of this.

My recent piece over at Covenant discusses just this.

By the way, the website just had a total refresh. It look's great. Check it out.